1. Recent Buys + Online Shopping Tips

      ⇀   Posted on Tuesday, 10 June 2014

    If you’ve been a friend/follower for quite a while, you’d know how addicted I am to online shopping. When Multiply was still up and at its peak, I’d purchase everything from there — clothes, shoes, random trinkets, etcetera! Damn, would you believe that was already six years ago? Anyway, let me share with you some of my most recent acquisitions from earlier this year!


    Clockwise » (1) Sparkly gold flats which I used as my wedding shoes from Gifts Ahoy; (2) JC Coltrane-inspired cut-out boots, (3) A.O.D purple holographic creepers, Queen City leopard creepers and (4) Dr. Martens 1460 Replica, all from Petite Zombie; (5) Worship choker from OS and patchwork dress and leather headgear from Salad Day (6) Colorful socks from Smitten Everdeen.


    Clockwise » (1) Instax Wide albums from ThirtyOnePH; (2) Blank paper mache letters from Artees Collection and washi tapes from Hobby Depot; (3) Organic body essentials from Human♥︎Nature; (4) Two pairs of contact lenses sponsored by Purpektion Shop; (5) Snug-a-Hug maternity pillow; (6) Matte mint case for my Macbook from Confidence Corner.

    I frequent online shopping for many reasons — one being convenience. I don’t need to leave the house just to buy a specific item, saving my time and energy. Also, I can hunt for the best bargain at the click of a button. BUT! Online shopping can confuse or deceive anyone. Both veteran and newbie buyers are still susceptible to transacting with bogus sellers. How do you prevent this? How do you get the best out of online shopping?

    1. Be observant. Research. Most of the time, you can tell that a store is bogus just by looking at its pictures and its posts. Also, look for feedback/reviews from its previous customers. If there is none posted online, you can ask around or ask the seller directly. IMHO, an honest seller wouldn’t be offended if a new customer would be asking for others’ feedbacks.
    2. Know what you want. It’s easier to look for a certain item if you already know or at least have an idea of what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for shoes, try to narrow down your choices. Would you want boots, wedges, or flats?
    3. Always look for other options. Most stores, especially those who sell clothing, get their stuff from the same suppliers. Do note however that the best bargain does not only refer to hunting down the store that offers the lowest price, but also the store that offers the smoothest transaction.
    4. Do not hesitate to inquire. Sometimes, sellers neglect posting the items’ flaws and/or other details that are crucial to us buyers. Sometimes, their words are quite confusing and we get lost on how we should proceed with the transaction. Getting our money’s worth is top priority and that is why it is adamant to ask away if ever you need further details regarding purchasing.
    5. Read, read and read. In the world of online shopping, ignorance is a mortal sin. Most stores have a no return, no exchange, no refund policy. Unlike establishments in malls, you can’t return an item if you’re not satisfied with it. Probably the least you could do is leave a negative feedback and hope that people would consider it. Also, rookie buyers should read [especially] stores’ rules regarding pre-ordering, making reservations and shipping/handling.

    Online shopping might be fun and addictive, but as with everything, it still has risks. If you’re not 100% sure regarding the item or the store, maybe you should consider looking for an alternative. Trust your instincts and be a responsible buyer, and you should be fine.

    I hope this post is helpful! Feel free to discuss with me on the comments section below! :)

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  2. This Week’s Purchases

      ⇀   Posted on Thursday, 22 November 2012


    • Haida 77mm 6-Star Filter
    • Yongnuo RF-603C Wireless Flash Trigger

    Some beauty stuff, surprisingly.

    • Japanese hair velcro & mascara guide


    SHOES! Gold Dot Hydra booties, which I’ve been eyeing for quite a while now. Isn’t it beautiful? ♥

    I hope you are all doing lovely! Start shopping early for your Christmas presents. The rush will start in no time, and it’s better to get your hands first on those pretty gifts! Enjoy the holidays :)

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  3. My First Taobao Haul!

      ⇀   Posted on Tuesday, 20 March 2012

    I have been tweeting about Taobao like crazy recently. A bunch of people are asking me what Taobao is and how I buy my stuff there. Taobao is like China’s eBay. The system is more or less the same: search keywords and you’ll see similar products from different sellers. They also have a feedback system like eBay.

    But instead of purchasing from Taobao directly, I came across StalkLife (Taobao Manila), a local shopping service. Although you’ll be spending a little bit on service charge, I think this is actually better cos they send someone to China to buy the stuff and bring them into the PH personally. It’s not only safer, but less of a hassle too cos you’ll be avoiding nasty custom dues and whatnots.

    Soooooo, what did I buy?

    Skeleton tights, tiger sweater,  buckled booties, and creepers in maroon & black faux suede! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Also, the very kind and accomodating Melissa of Stalklife gave me a free statement tote bag! Sweet!

    Oh, their next batch is scheduled to arrive sometime in May! I suggest you go check out Stalklife's facebook page for announcements and other information you’ll be needing! Let’s shop shop shop! ♥

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