1. EOS Gossip Blue

      ⇀   Posted on Saturday, 8 June 2013

    I’ve always had a weak spot for blue contact lenses, so when Kreamshop kindly contacted me to review a couple of their lenses last year, I gladly picked a pair of EOS Gossip Blue.

    I’m a sucker for immensely photogenic lenses! Although this pair might be too vivid or loud in person, I really like it because it pops in photos! In the photo above, for example, my face was against the light and my eyes were in the shadows, but the lenses are still visibly blue! Super nice.

    The lenses also has a gold/hazel inner ring which, in my opinion, adds depth to a rather flat bright blue base. This might also work for cosplay, I think, since the pattern is quite anime-like.

    As for comfort, I’ve always found EOS lenses the most comfortable. The size is perfect for me since it doesn’t enlarge much (14.2-14.5). I’ll gladly give this pair a rating of 9/10!

    Thank you to Kreamshop for sponsoring!

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  2. EOS A3 Brown (review + giveaway!)

      ⇀   Posted on Saturday, 5 May 2012

    A few weeks back, Kimberly of Kreamshop sponsored me three pairs of EOS contact lenses: two to review and one to give away to a lucky reader. So be sure to click, read more! :)

    Diameter: 14.8mm
    Curve: 8.6mm

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  3. EOS Puffy Turquoise

      ⇀   Posted on Tuesday, 17 January 2012

    A few months back, the generous owner of GWYSHOP kindly sponsored me two pairs of EOS contact lenses: a Rose Brown and a Puffy Turquoise. As I have previously reviewed the Rose Brown, I shall review the latter today. :-)

    Diameter: 14.5mm
    Curve: 8.6mm

    More pictures under the cut!

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