1. 7 Acquisitions in 7 Days

      ⇀   Posted on Sunday, 22 January 2012

    I knew I told myself to stop (or even lessen) impulsive shopping come 2012. But heyyyy who wouldn’t shop on their birthday week? Or am I just making up excuses? Lolololl.

    Anyway, here are some of what I bought this past week :-)

    Bone Gang necklace from OS

    Little black lace dress from Be Like A Star

    Various tops from our local thrift shop

    And a pair of Kayalusi sandals, also from a nearby thrift shop

    I love love love my recent haul! I can’t wait to wear them all soon! :-)

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  1. angstxiety said: that little black dress is gorgeous! * w *
  2. sakuranbosamurai said: wow OS is a nice shop, thanks for sharing~ ♥
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